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The opposition

Who is the opposition? The opposition is the multibillion-dollar aluminum industry, Reynolds, Alcoa, Kaiser — many of the real owners of this country — and their marketing arm, the Washington, D.C., based Aluminum Association.
  • Their lobbyists represent 79 multibillion-dollar aluminum producers and fabricators. (5)

  • If you're a real scientist, everything you say is reviewed, evaluated, critiqued and attacked in every way possible, by the opposition. Why? Because the multibillion-dollar aluminum industry keeps denying the aluminum link. (5)

  • The Aluminum Association has a very strong lobby and a lot of money. For instance, a scientist, by the name of Henry Wisniewski, gets over a half-million dollars from the Aluminum Association. (5)

  • If you want to receive grants from the Aluminum Association, you need to deny the aluminum link. If you don't, then you're not going to receive any Aluminum Association money. (5)

  • However, if your research is funded by them, then your research isn't credible at all. (5)

  • However, you will appear to be a real scientist as long as no one is able to learn what your funding source is.


Prevention is the best cure. So, how can you prevent Alzheimer's?
  • All aluminum-containing foods and drugs should be labeled as such, but they're not.
  • All water treatment should be regulated to lower aluminum content, but it's unregulated.
  • Reducing your exposure to aluminum is the only change in lifestyle that offers hope of lessening the incidence of Alzheimer's disease. ...More >>
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