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"Smoking doesn't cause cancer!" (cont'd...)

Fact: One year earlier the U.S. Military test fired large nuclear bombs over there, and those explosions contaminated that desert soil with radioactive material. And then when 'The Conqueror' was shot in that very same location, the horses, the crew and the extras kicked up lots of nuclear dirt. And, of course, they did inhale some of that dirt. And, of course, they didn't even think of wearing protective gear like lead aprons, gloves and shielded face masks.

Fact: Even today, the wind can blow from the direction of former nuclear bomb test sites. Even today, nuclear particles can travel in your direction.

Fact: Even today, the nuclear fallout descends onto vegetation, which is then eaten by dairy animals. Then the fallout passes into the animals' milk, which is then prepared for human consumption. One major means by which fallout and nuclear debris are transferred to you is via the production and consumption of dairy products. This pathway is the single largest means by which you are exposed to the fallout generated by the U.S. government's nuclear weapons testing.

Fact: So far the U.S. government has conducted 1,054 nuclear weapons tests at the Nevada Test Site, the Marshall Islands, Alaska, Colorado, Mississippi, New Mexico and Utah. There have been over 2,000 nuclear tests worldwide. However, the number of nuclear tests conducted by the U.S. government is more than the sum of all nuclear tests conducted by all other foreign governments.

Issue: The most likely cause of cancer all over the world is the nuclear dust generated by the U.S. government.

Issue: Governments don't give a darn about your health. They have been poisoning you for many years with their covert experiments, unmarked planes, secret germ warfare tests, chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride, aspartame, mercury, aluminum, barium, azodicarbonamide, brominated vegetable oil, potassium bromate, olestra (olean), artificial colors and arsenic.

Issue: Governments are trying to make you quit smoking and turn you against smoking, because the subject is cancer. And because they're trying to blame it on smoking and smokers. ...More >>

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