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Radiation (cont'd...)

Breast cancer is caused by radiation because, according to a group of UCSF scientists, it's misleading to compare the scanners' radiation to cosmic radiation, because the latter is absorbed by the whole body, and is thus less dangerous than the radiation of full-body scanners, which penetrates only the skin and the underlying tissues. (25)

Radiation of the scanners is especially risky to children, adolescents, pregnant women, the elderly, and to those who already have cancer, or HIV. Breast cancer is caused by radiation because the x-ray beam of the scanners is very intense. (25)

If the scanner malfunctions, you will likely receive a large radiation overdose. Any power glitch that stops the scanner will likely deliver a radiation overdose to a single spot on your skin, including one on your breasts. (25)

Dental and medical x-rays: I don't get dental x-rays often, certainly not every six months, and cetanly not a full set of x-rays that most dentists seem to recommend. I don't buy the argument that "you get more radiation sitting in front of your TV set, than what you get from this digital x-ray machine." You need to say 'no' to x-ray radiation because, despite "professional" assurances to the contrary, the vast majority of medical and dental x-rays are unnecessary.

If x-ray radiation was so "harmless", then why do they put a big lead suit over you? And why do they leave the room while you're being x-rayed?

Bring up this issue in advance. Do they insist on a full set of x-rays? Then just say no to them, even if you end up not getting an appointment because of this issue. Why? Because:
  • You don't need the additional radiation;
  • The interpretation of dental x-rays is highly subjective;
  • Those dental x-rays will be filed away and forgotten! And
  • They're going to be your dentist's property, not yours!
I believe America needs to assemble a class action lawsuit against dentists, based on the true health risks of x-ray radiation, and the liability that dentists represent in passing on to you (and me) faulty safety advice. This alone, if done properly, could shut down their "get a full set of x-rays every six months" programs.

Therefore, what can you do? Find a better dentist, avoid all x-rays, and you will prevent cancer, including brain, thyroid and breast cancer! ...More >>

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