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Smoking (cont'd...)

Issue #1: This BMJ study found only correlation (not cause and effect).

Issue #2: The BMJ is a discredited pro-pharmaceutical journal that isn't credible in the first place, because it gets the majority of its funding from drug companies that have vested interests in silencing anyone who wants to smoke.

Issue #3: Each of these three studies proves nothing but correlation. As explained here, studies on the alleged dangers of smoking are weak and non-existent. And no one can find any study that explicitly proves the dangers of smoking.

However, you should still avoid smoking because there is correlation between smoking and breast cancer in women.

Sugar and HFCS

What causes breast cancer in women? One of the 13 things that causes breast cancer in women is the intake of refined sugar, sugary foods and soft drinks.

Avoid all refined sugars, sucrose and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Because we do know for sure that:

Issue #1: Refined sugars as well as HFCS are cancer-feeders. Refined sugar, sugary foods, soft drinks and HFCS promote as well as cause breast cancer in women. (23)

Issue #2: Surely the FDA, the responsible agency of the government, the Sugar Association, the American Beverage Association, and the Corn Refiners' Association are looking out for your health! Right? Wrong!

Issue #3: Through massive print and television advertising campaigns, for example by the Corn Refiners Association, they keep telling us that HFCS is a healthy part of your diet, when it's used in moderation.

Issue #4: Even if HFCS is used in moderation — it causes heart disease, obesity, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay and cancer, including breast cancer in women.

Therefore, avoid all forms of refined sugar and HFCS! ...More >>

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