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Vitamin C deficiency

What causes strokes? One of the 41 things that causes strokes is vitamin C deficiency. (23)

Vitamin D deficiency

What causes strokes? One of the 41 things that causes strokes is vitamin D deficiency. If you avoid the sun, or if you avoid vitamin D supplements, you risk vitamin D deficiency, as well as vitamin D sulfate deficiency, and the latter is an underlying cause of arterial plaque buildup, which is one of the 41 things that causes strokes.

According to one research paper, low levels of vitamin D will double the risk of stroke in Caucasians. Why? Because vitamin D deficiency is known to increase your risk of arterial stiffness, which is one of the 41 things that causes strokes. (35)

According to another research article, the most likely causes of strokes were vitamin D deficiency (61.92%), smoking (50%), hypertension (47.40%), diabetes mellitus (24.20%) and atrial fibrillation (14.1%) (36)

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